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200ft VIS - Mask Defog

200ft VIS - Mask Defog


Defog your scuba masks! Our award winning Mask Defog keeps your mask clear dive after dive. Diving is all about viewing the wonders under the sea and with a clean and clear mask you wont miss a thing!

DIRECTIONS  Apply a small drop (about the size of flat pea) of Defog onto your finger. Do NOT apply directly to the mask or you will use too much. Using your finger, rub thoroughly all over lens.  Do not rinse lens with water before diving.

Warning - Avoid direct contact with eyes.  If irritation occurs rinse eyes with water.  If irritation persists contact a medical professional.

Recycle ♻️ - Tubes are made from sugar cane.  

Made in USA - 100% made in the United States of America.

Reef friendly* 

*“Meets Biorius Reef Friendly Certification Criteria”

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