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AquaSketch Minno 2 Underwater scrolling dive slate

AquaSketch Minno 2 Underwater scrolling dive slate


Introducing the aquaSketch Minno, the world’s most advanced writing and reference system for the world’s most extreme conditions. Widely used by NASA, the U.S. Military, marine researchers and search & rescue organizations, aquaSketch offers new possibilities for underwater notation and reference. By replacing multiple tablets or pages with a single interchangeable eight foot scroll of waterproof vellum that can be worn on the wrist, this revolutionary new system combines the durability of a dive slate with the convenience and versatility of paper.

The aquaSketch Minno Scrolling Slate is a hybrid device that combines the durability of a dive slate with the versatility of paper providing many unique benefits when used under extreme conditions. Think of it as a windproof and waterproof miniature desk with limitless writing and reference capacity that can be worn on the wrist or stored in a pocket. Here are a few of the reasons why aquaSketch is the ultimate device for notation and reference under any extreme condition.

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