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Folding Fins

Folding Fins


The bio-mimetic membrane in between two flexible laths, empowers a unique movement experience. Designed like a fishtail, connected with the nature.

These specialized, lightweight fins can be folded in half lengthwise to create a travel-ready package. Once secured in the closed position, each fin measures just under 2 feet in length and 2 inches in width—the foot pocket is about 5 inches across but can be removed. They can be redeployed for diving within seconds.

The blade’s flexible, durable membrane was inspired by fish fins. The small fins pack more power than you’d expect and are highly maneuverable. We were able to pivot on a dime, and back-kicking was natural and easy. The fins accelerate quickly and seem to easily ramp up thrust when kicking hard, without wearing out the legs. However, the stiffer material of the foot pocket can cause discomfort when kicking hard if not properly adjusted. The open-heel pocket is user-adjustable, with four points of adjustment and two different-size bungee straps.

Innovative membrane - Flexible and resistant construction reinforced by hexagonal mesh.

Not only foldable, but also adjustable - The world's first patented foot pocket adjustment system.

High performance - Streamlined laths' design gives to user an additional performance increase, while maintaining low muscle energy consumption.

Adaptive structure - We developed a 4-point regulation system that allows fit foot pocket to user's preferences. It gives a possibility of precise adjustment.

Optimized dynamics - As it moves, the membrane creates a hydrodynamic tunnel and efficiently directs the water flow.

Just Adjust - Regarding to your preferences, you can adjust each strap up and down to achieve the desired fitting.

One fin, many sizes - No more choosing the size, you decide what is perfect for you.

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