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Heated vest for Scuba Diving | VentureHeat

Heated vest for Scuba Diving | VentureHeat


20W Heated Diving Wet Undersuit was designed for amateur divers who love exploring the wonders of the underwater world. It’s comfortable and stretchable undersuit design allows it to easily fit under a wetsuit. The PLUS Heated Undersuit is the optimal choice for balancing performance and value.

Submerge up to depth of 100 Meters (300 Feet). All included components (dive suit and battery) are designed to be suitable for underwater use.

Includes a rechargeable wireless wristwatch controller .This easy-to-reach wired controller is attached comfortably on the vest's left sleeve, making it accessible for professional and all under-water activities. The wired remote features red indicator lights that informs both heating levels and battery life.


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