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LED Glowstick

LED Glowstick


•Stop buying and throwing away one-time use chemical sticks
•Locate your buddy underwater easier at night
•Fourteen tubes of light illuminate the entire Glowstick
•High-visibility light
•Long lasting LED
•Black chromed brass case with a dual o-ring seal
•Carries a back-up tank valve o-ring (VP15-B), included
•Includes a lanyard for attachment around the neck of your cylinder
•Approximate diameter 0.5”
•Powered by three LR44 alkaline batteries, included
Optional Break-Away Strap Kit, p/n HL309-BA, makes it easy to mount directly to regulator first stage yoke
Available in five colors
  • Blue (p/n GS100-BU)
  • Green (p/n GS100-GN)
  • Orange (p/n GS100-RG)
  • Red (p/n GS100-RD)
  • White (p/n GS100-WH)

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