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Miflex BC/Drysuit Quick Disconnect Hoses

Miflex BC/Drysuit Quick Disconnect Hoses


Miflex BC/Drysuit hoses are lightweight and flexible, making it easier to route your hoses. The most popular sizes now come in four colors.

  • 7 lengths available

  • The knurled collar makes it easy to attach and remove

  • Approved for use with up to 40% oxygen

MQD14-BK (14in/36 cm/Black)
MQD18-BK (18 in/46 cm/Black)

MQD22-BK (22 in/56 cm/Black)
MQD22-BU (22 in/56 cm/Blue)
MQD22-PK (22 in/56 cm/Pink)
MQD22-RD (22 in/56 cm/Red)

MQD25-BK (25 in/64 cm/Black)
MQD25-BU (25 in/64 cm/Blue)
MQD25-PK (25 in/64 cm/Pink)
MQD25-RD (25 in/64 cm/Red)

MQD29-BK (29 in/74 cm/Black)
MQD29-BU (29 in/74 cm/Blue)
MQD29-PK (29 in/74 cm/Pink)
MQD29-RD (29 in/74 cm/Red)

MQD32-BK (32 in/81 cm/Black)
MQD32-BU (32 in/81 cm/Blue)
MQD32-PK (32 in/81 cm/Pink)
MQD32-RD (32 in/81 cm/Red)
MQD36-BK (36 in/91 cm/Black)

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