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NEX MFT - Multi Functional Toolbar 2 inch

NEX MFT - Multi Functional Toolbar 2 inch


NEX Multi Functional Toolbar (MFT). It's specially designed for you, fellow scuba divers! Made from tough-as-nails Delrin, this incredibly flexible toolbar revolutionizes your BCD by making it simple to attach clips and items. Regarded as a must-have piece of diving equipment, our Delrin MFT isn't afraid to make a splash with innovation.

It laughs off fatigue, moisture or solvents and thumbs its nose at numerous environmental factors. So when you're out there diving under extreme underwater conditions, this gear has got your back! But hey, that's just scratching the surface of what makes this little wonder tick. The versatility of NEX MFT takes it from 'just another piece' to an indispensable part of any diver’s equipment inventory - I kid you not! You ask why? Picture yourself able to attach anything -- clips, torches even dive computers or compasses right onto your BCD accessories with ease using our scuba toolbar feature on this multifunctional marvel (cool huh?). With everything neatly organized within arm's reach; no more fretting over misplaced valuable diving equipment!


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