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OTS OTS Spectrum Full-Face Mask (FFM)

OTS OTS Spectrum Full-Face Mask (FFM)


The Spectrum Full Face Mask by OTS created the best Full Face Mask on the market that allows divers to user their own regulators and eliminating the heavy cost associated with standard FFMs, without sacrificing luxury. The Spectrum Full Face Mask provides a simple method to adapt your own regulator to the mask by eliminating the bite down mouthpiece and tying your own reg in with the rest of the FFM.

This allows for some of the best features of our other Full Face Masks : no jaw fatigue, no dry mouth, double seal for a better fit, five point head harness and clear communications.

  • Clear Lens
  • Fits most 2nd stage regulators
  • Double seal, allowing for the comfort of both small and large faces
  • Easy to equalize with just a pinch of your nose
  • Keeps face dry and warm

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