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Tusa Travel Right TR Fins

Tusa Travel Right TR Fins


TUSA’s new Travel Right Fin is the newest addition to our Scuba Diving gear. Lightweight and Ideal for travelers. This compact design is ultrasoft and meant to be worn barefoot.


>  Bungee Strap - Elastic bungee strap for quick donning and doffing of the fin.

>  Anatomic Fin Strap - TUSA’s fin strap design for improved comfort and stability.

>  Angled Blade Design - Angled fin blade lengthens the stroke of the kick cycle.

>  Packable, light weight, great for carry-on travel.

>  A compact blade design that produces big power.

>  The perfect fins for both diving and snorkeling.

>  A fin blade “Utility attachment point” ideal for carrying and stowing.

>  The “Round Edge Structure” foot pocket provides the softest, most comfortable barefoot experience.

>  An ultra-soft and flexible monoprene foot pocket conforms to most foot shapes.


A highly elastic Bungee Strap secures the foot and requires no adjustment.

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